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"When You Are Ready To Leap, We Will Catch You" 

Why should you consider taking the “Leap Into The Cloud?” If your technology goals include mobility, collaboration, flexibility, and growth, then you have come to the right place. 

Leap Into The Cloud

Leap Into The Cloud

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About Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones is a Small Business Start-Up and Management Specialist. After graduating in Finance with an emphasis in Economics and International Business, her experience as a Chief Technology Officer and then as owner and co-operator of an accounting and tax preparation firm, gave her unique insight into the needs of professionals in all types of organizations. After 20 years of specialization in Legal and Accounting firms, she has become a frequent speaker on technology and business management issues to small businesses nationwide and has expanded her focus to include Corporate Legal Departments and State and Local Government Entities. Her primary focuses include billing and accounting efficiency; document, practice, and project management; business process management; training; and helping firms make the “Leap Into The Cloud.”

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